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Recent research studies regarding Transgender individuals’ experiences of discrimination in health care settings strongly recommend the value of qualitative data, and the need for research into how transgender patients find, obtain, and access medical care, preventatively and as needed. However, despite calls for qualitative data, limited qualitative studies have focused on medical access and experiences of transgender patients as of 2019. This exploratory qualitative study utilized semi-structured qualitative interviews conducted between May 27th, 2019 through August 10th, 2019 to ask about the experiences of transgender individuals as it pertains to accessing health care services in Massachusetts. Participants (n=8)were recruited through convenience and snowball sampling methods, and the resulting narrative data was analyzed using Grounded Theory. Presented information will include the research process/methodology, literature review including the history of the evolution of trans-healthcare and will review the consistent themes and access model discovered. Theory created from this data, and the coded data itself, can be utilized to better inform healthcare access including materials, policy, and quality of care for transgender adults accessing healthcare in Massachusetts.


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