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When I first decided to do this thesis project, I wanted to focus on travel, telling stories of my time living and traveling abroad. I wanted to write real accounts of my travels to show how ugly and difficult it could be sometimes, in hopes of showing a less romanticized and more realistic account of traveling. However, after I began writing I discovered another theme present. I found different meanings of home that I’ve held whilst traveling become a big part of the project. As I’ve learned traveling affects my own definition of home, I found it important to include my idea of home when I was younger through the home life I had then to show the differences between then and now. This was something I had absolutely no intention of including in this project originally. The four nonfiction essays in this collection serve to go against the romanticized narrative that travel is easy and a means of escape and connect the definition of home with travel.



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Dr. Sarah Fawn Montgomery, Thesis Advisor

Dr. Benjamin Carson, Committee Member

Dr. Joyce Rain Anderson, Committee Member

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