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III-V laser dies are the main integrated light sources used in photonic integrated chips (PIC). Before incorporating these lasers in PICs, it is important to measure their performance and efficiency. The efficiency of these devices can be calculated from their light-current-voltage (L-I-V) characteristics. In this thesis, I will assemble the components of the probe station for the pulsed LIV setup, which are the pulse generator to drive the laser with current, temperature controller device to vary the laser’s operating temperature, and optical spectrum analyzer in order to characterize the laser’s emission wavelength. Initially this thesis was meant to report how the Setup for Pulsed Laser Diode was build in the new Photonics Laboratory space. Unfortunately, because of the unprecedented circumstances we are facing currently, the nature of my thesis has shifted. Now the thesis focuses on explaining how the Pulsed Laser Diode Characterization Setup ought to be built, so that any student in the future has a proper model and set of instruction to do it.



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Dr. Elif Demirbas, Thesis Advisor

Dr. Edward F. Deveney, Committee Member

Dr. Samuel Felipe Serna Otálvaro, Committee Member

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