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The world is changing, and fast. Quantum computing and photonic engineering are revolutionary new technologies that could change the way humans interact with information; though the eld hasn't always been that way. As with most new elds, proof of concept is needed to show that this new technology isn't just hear to stay, but it's hear to take the lead. In this, nothing is more important the the Deutsch-Jozsa Quantum algorithm; as it did just that . The majority of this research paper revolves around understanding the very essence of quantum computing. As the eld of quantum computing is in its extreme infancy, most of this paper focuses on the theoretical background needed to understand how quantum computers function with a main use of the Deutsch Jozsa algorithm to really drive forward an application the theoretical research done here. At its core, this paper uses many works from "Quantum Mechanics: Theory and Experiment" by Mark Beck, and "Quantum Optics: An Introduction" by Mark Fox. If at any point one wishes to delve deeper into the topics discussed here, please refer to these texts. Addendum addressing early 2020 COVID outbreak. Unfortunately; while this thesis presents many interesting ideas in the elds of quantum computing, quantum teleportation, and quantum algorithms, the breadth of the text isn't as deep as initially hoped. Just before spring break of Spring 2020 Dr. Serna and myself had laid out some plans to do testing of some of the quantum properties outlined in this paper. We were to use several cutting edge devices that had recently been purchased via LEAP grants provided to the BSU Photonics program, but the eects of the COVID outbreak prohibited us from getting into the lab and running these useful parallel experiments.



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Dr. Samuel Serna, Thesis Advisor

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Dr. Edward Deveney, Committee Member

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