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The basis of this research began with a very personal connection to the topic of teacher retention. As I began working in schools while progressing through my Elementary Education degree, I noticed an atmosphere that was not as positive and passionate as I had hoped it would be. I often found myself thinking, "Will I end up like this?" or "Why be a teacher if you don't enjoy it?" Shortly after, I attended a conference where I learned about current teacher retention problems in the United States. This piqued my interest further and I set out to study this issue. Based on previous research I had found pertaining to teacher retention, I thought the best way to study this issue was to find out if pre-service teachers going into this career were passionate and prepared. I took a survey-based approach geared towards the pre-service teachers at Bridgewater State University. After analyzing the data, I was able to quantitatively see the motivations and expectations of pre-service teachers that could potentially help guide teacher preparation so that these beginning teachers experienced a longer and more satisfying career in education.


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