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According to the Air Line Pilots Association there is an acute shortage of qualified pilots willing to fly for regional air carriers due to a lack of benefits and pay (Pilot Supply and the Future of the Profession, n.d.). Other organizations, such as the Regional Airline Association (RAA), believe the pilot shortage is due to strict and lengthy eligibility requirements imposed recently by the governing body of aviation, The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The purpose of this project is to analyze the opposing views on the pilot shortage in the regional carriers and examine the recruitment efforts regional carriers utilize to attract collegiate pilots in order to counteract the pilot shortage. Content analysis will be used to explore different federal regulations pertaining to the increased eligibility requirements for pilots flying for a regional air carrier operation. Additionally, specific regional pilot recruitment programs will be analyzed for their effectiveness. This project will add to the growing conversation surrounding the pilot shortage as it specifically examines the ways in which regional carriers recruit and retain qualified pilots. For collegiate aviators, it is important to understand how the regional carriers work to alleviate the pilot shortage and how they plan to address the issues regarding pay, benefits, and lengthy eligibility requirements.


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