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The body of knowledge in the field of sex education that has been modified for individuals with disabilities is currently lacking. There are currently no evidence based practices for sexuality education. The programs that currently exist are either not effective for the severe population or there is no research to support its use. However, people that are considered in the population of severe special education could benefit greatly from a sexuality program that is evidence based.

The researcher conducted a study to determine the topics that are common in the literature and that are important to teachers and their with severe disabilities students. The study also identified common and effective methods of sexuality instruction and assessment. This study combined archival documentation and survey questionnaire responses of teachers to understand the issues related to sex education and special education. As a result, several significant discrepancies were identified. Despite these discrepancy, specific topics, assessment methods, and necessary resources for educators were identified.


Special Education

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J Edward Carter (Thesis Director)

Carolyn Mires

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