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Dancers are a unique kind of athlete, who blend athletic ability and artistic expression into their physical performance. Researchers are beginning to see the need for dancers to have access to rehabilitation and injury prevention programs like most collegiate sports athletes. This project researched and created a case for an injury prevention and self-care program to be implemented at Bridgewater State University. The research examined articles and books on different on-site dance medicine programs and the roles of athletic trainers with dancers, communicated with a current health care provider at Body Dynamics Inc., Jenna Calo, Boston University’s dance director, Micki Taylor-Pinney, Dean College’s athletic trainer, Amanda Donahue and through my own research and experience. The research defines a case that can be presented to Bridgewater State University Department of Dance, the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the President’s Council.



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Jody Weber (Thesis Mentor)

Donna A. Dragon

Nancy Moses

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