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My thesis project explores the combination of visual aesthetics and complex mechanics through the creation of a functioning wind turbine sculpture primarily constructed from found materials, both natural and man-made. The sculpture functions as a basic wind turbine using a treadmill motor as a generator. It symbolizes nature through the diverse textures and natural colors of the found materials it is composed of. Research was conducted through studying many versions of wind turbines built by amateurs online and reading texts about creating homemade wind power such as “Homebrew Wind Power” by Dan Bartmann & Dan Fink. The purpose of the sculpture is to remind us of the importance of our culture to shift to natural sources of energy and to appreciate the constant moving power in the natural world around us. This project is providing the opportunity to explore the immense challenge of integrating motion and movement into my artwork, something I’ve always wanted to explore. The result of my research is a kinetic sculpture that serves not only as a beautiful object visually, but also as an object that functions in a practical way.



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Rob Lorenson (Thesis Director)

Mary Dondero

Magaly Ponce

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