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Ahead lies four rough chapters of a World War I fiction novel I have started earlier this semester as part of an ongoing English Honors Thesis project. The following pages represent an inkling of the research I have undertaken to start this project, but more importantly, they record the beginnings of my continual development in understanding that fiction is truly based around character. Utilizing the elements of craft I have learned from Bridgewater University’s various writing workshops, I submit four individuals that are the product of my imagination and ongoing effort. Fully conscious of the flaws within, I’m still proud to present these characters for review. When I set out to write this novel, I felt there was a story within the millions of lives lost often overlooked in America, which seems to have a deep rooted love affair with the second World War. What better way to tell this story than through the people that experienced this cataclysmic event and what better medium to render these characters realistically than fiction?



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Joyce Rain Anderson (Thesis Director)

Stuart Allen

Bruce Machart

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