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Technology is a great resource for teachers. It can enhance lessons, activities, assessment and general functions of the classroom. The use of technology in education can be beneficial, but may present challenges for pre service and in service teachers. Integrating technology in the classroom is the foundation of teaching. However, research on iPad use in the classroom is quite limited. This qualitative research study took place at a K-8 school in Southeastern, Massachusetts. A study group of five sixth grade students was chosen by the classroom teacher. The teacher selected the students by looking at their standardized test scores, class performance, motivation for learning and attitude towards math. Three iPad game apps, “Coop Fractions”, “Battle Station” and “Zap Zap Fractions” were selected by the researcher from a variety of math game apps that were previously rated by pre service, classroom, and technology teachers, as well as university math educators. Each of the apps focuses on comparing fractions and ordering fractions and decimals on a number line. Each student interacted with the apps in twenty minute time spans. The researcher and the classroom teacher observed the students interacting with the apps. The sessions were audio and video recorded. Data was collected using observation, anecdotal records and video. Time sampling was used to collect, code, and analyze student behaviors. The results of this study may help teachers develop strategies to effectively incorporate iPad game apps in their math instruction as a means to improve standardized test scores, class performance, motivation for learning and students’ attitude towards math. It may also help teachers in their role as learners, constantly working to improve their craft.


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