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Hegemony is a system in which power is acquired, maintained and purposed to control events and discourses as a means of dictating what is normal. Hegemonic ideologies concerning masculinity control the way in which the male body is perceived and dictate the acceptable expression of ‘manhood’. Furthermore, these hegemonic ideologies dictate the perception of alternative expressions of the male body through discursive devices of fear and rejection, such as homophobia and racism. Conversations is a collection of three works of choreography created in response to the hegemonic structures that dictate the perception of masculinity. The first, The Trouble with Masculinity, enters into the mind of a male questioning the boundaries of defined masculinity, leading to a display of this questioning nature within the context of two males in relation to one another. The second, A Look Inside, explores the struggle between the individual and social ideologies intended to regulate the subjective identity of the individual. The third, Breakthrough, introduces the path toward personal acceptance, highlighting the determination needed to overcome restrictions as well as the necessity of proper support for true success. In this thesis, the nature and effects of hegemonic ideologies concerning masculinity are explored as an inspirational foundation for the creation of Conversations. The choreography of Conversations is then analyzed and related to masculine ideologies



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