The Honors Program at Bridgewater provides incentives and resources to encourage gifted and highly motivated students to reach their highest intellectual potential through critical thinking, scholarship and research. The Program's small Honors classes feature close student-faculty interaction and promote the vigorous and thorough exchange of ideas while fostering the investigative, analytical, and creative skills necessary for scholarly research. In addition, students are encouraged to draw upon the support services of the Honors Center and to participate in the various social activities sponsored by the Program throughout the academic year. In pursuing these goals, the Program seeks to enrich the entire university curriculum; more than 80% of Honors students' academic work is completed in non-Honors classes, where their presence enlivens discussion and helps to model intellectual possibilities for all students.

Virtual Commons offers open access copies of Commonwealth and Departmental Honors Program theses and projects completed by undergraduate students who have submitted them electronically since 2013. The authors of these documents retain copyright to the intellectual property these works represent in their current form.


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