The Graduate Review


The current study aimed to investigate how access to insurance impacts mental health-related stigma and help-seeking attitudes, along with public and self-stigmatized views on seeking professional mental health services. Participants (N = 192) were recruited via Bridgewater State University Student Announcements and through convenience sampling. Individuals completed a survey consisting of five self-created questions and three different scales related to insurance coverage, mental health services, stigma, and help-seeking attitudes. We expected to find those with public insurance coverage would have higher self-stigmatized beliefs and lower help-seeking attitudes, but this hypothesis was not supported. We also expected that those with higher self-stigmatized beliefs would be more likely to have participated in outpatient treatment than inpatient psychiatric treatment and found a marginally significant trend between self-stigma and inpatient mental health treatment. There were no significant differences in self-stigma between individuals who reported that they had received outpatient treatment compared to those who had never received outpatient treatment. This data contributed knowledge to fill the gap in research on the impact of stigmatized beliefs on seeking professional help for either inpatient or outpatient mental health services, which can help reduce the stigma on mental illness.

Note on the Author

Ashley completed her undergraduate studies in Music Therapy and Psychology at Loyola University New Orleans and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Bridgewater State University. This project was completed for PSYC 506 Research Methods/Design II under the mentorship of Dr. Hansen-Brown. Ashley plans to become licensed in mental health counseling after earning her graduate degree.

Barbie complete her undergraduate degree in Psychology with minors in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies at Bridgewater State University. She is currently pursuing her graduate degree in Clinical Psychology at Bridgewater State University. This project was completed for PSYC 506 Research Methods/Designs II under the mentorship of Dr. Ashley Hansen-Brown. Barbie plans on getting her LMHC after graduation.

Jordan is a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology program at Bridgewater State University. She attended Bridgewater State University as well for her undergraduate degree. This research project was completed in PSYC 506 Research Methods/Design class. Jordan is interested in pursuing her license in mental health counseling and hopes to one day work in a private practice doing individual therapy.