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This collection is organized into two series, each offering a comprehensive glimpse into the life and accomplishments of Amelia Leconte. The first series encompasses a rich assortment of documentation, photographs, and correspondence stemming from Amelia's teaching in Oujda, Morocco. Within this series are documents such as her USA Grant Award Letters, a congratulatory telegram from John F. Kennedy while he was a Massachusetts senator, travel documents, a meticulously kept notebook containing lesson notes and grades, a curated selection of publications on Morocco and notable travel destinations, and speeches delivered upon her return to various high schools. The second series delves into Amelia's academic pursuits, highlighting her poetic publications, acquisition of both a bachelor's and master’s degree in French, a prestigious Fulbright scholarship that allowed her to teach English in France, and her remarkable 35-year tenure as a high school French teacher in Barnstable. Noteworthy within this series are newspaper clippings chronicling Amelia's academic and scholarship achievements, elevating her to the status of a local celebrity in South Shore Massachusetts. Additionally, the series includes multiple folders of photographs capturing pivotal moments such as her graduation from Bridgewater State Teachers College (BSU), BSU Alumni events for her graduating class, her college yearbook, and portrait headshots spanning various stages of Amelia's life. A unique aspect of this series is the correspondence exchanged between Amelia and her mother during her global travels, accompanied by a stamp collection from each country she visited. Accompanying both series are multiple tin boxes containing photographic film slides of Amelia’s time teaching in both France and Morocco.



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