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The bulk of this collection consists of a wide array of far-left political pamphlets on various topics, mostly communist and socialist political movements within the United States, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Vietnam, and China. The topics involve labor unions and strikes, political revolutions, global women’s rights, communist and socialist history and dispelling false propaganda, LGBTQ+ rights, and African American rights. In addition to pamphlets, Dr. Della Giustina also collected newspaper runs published by far-left US labor groups that sought to expose big businesses, highlight the struggles and threats to immigrant workers, and bring awareness to the various social justice causes of the day, such as the Equal Rights Amendment, Civil Rights, and the US military conscription during the Vietnam War. The final series is more personal to Dr. Della Giustina. It contains her personal correspondence with the various labor unions that she belonged to during the 1970-80s, as well as union bulletins, newsletters, and informational pamphlets on policy and resources.



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