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Nearly all content in this collection comes from microfilm of the Bridgewater Independent, covering the years from approximately 1880 to 1925. Dr. Spence spent ten years printing out pages from the microfilm, cutting the content into individual articles, and putting them onto index cards filed by subject. He included hand-written notes and dates on the cards. His research focusing on the years represented by the collection resulted in a collection of ten written works on this time period, referenced together as, Bridgewater, Massachusetts: A Town in Transition. Links to the digital files of these works can be found in the series descriptions within this finding aid, as well as in the Maxwell Library’s digital repository. Please note that there are very few clippings from 1877-1880. There are various primary and secondary sources prior to the creation of the Bridgewater Independent, most notably in the section on Law & Order. Each bullet point represents a card file. Box numbers with multiple subjects listed in front are due to Benjamin Spence’s own filing system. In an effort to keep the collection as Dr. Spence arranged things, anything marked off in brackets are notes that were added for clarification or to fill in blanks. Any question marks in the box listings are because Dr. Spence had questions about them himself.



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