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The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League collection is part of the larger Kathleen Bertrand and Linda Lundin, Honoring Women in Sports Collection.

This multi-media collection contains a variety of primary and reproduction materials related to the history of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. These materials include paper media with league-specific news (Series 1), a growing collection of AAGPBL newsletters (Series 2), player write-ups and AAGPBL news in non-league media (Series 3), and reproduction materials (Series 4). The reproduction materials include 248 AAGPBL team photographs, all 4”x6” or 5”x7”, with many player names identified on the back, and 24 league photographs sized 8.5”x11” and 11”x17”. Paper materials include programs, one score card, one 1950 schedule for the Racine Belles, and one league contract for Mary Pratt. Other media include one reproduction AAGPBL logo patch, a complete reproduction Racine Belles uniform, one Rockford Peaches pennant, and two scrapbooks. The replication advertisement for the Rockford Peaches home game at Beyer Stadium contains original signatures of players Mary Pratt, Maddy English, and Marie Mansfield.

The strengths of this collection include primary copies of news and press releases spanning the 1940s – the current era, an extensive collection of reproduction photographs, and an expanding collection of AAGPBL newsletters that trace the history and events of the league. This collection is unique both in the historical material it holds, which is sparsely, if at all, available online, and the variety of media represented in this collection.



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