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The Lincoln Group of Boston was founded in February 1938 and has continued to meet 2-4 times a year ever since, with each meeting consisting of presentations relating to Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War by both members and guest lecturers. Some of the prominent speakers have included James G. Randall in 1939, Carl Sandburg in 1940, Louis A. Warren in 1955, R. Gerald McMurtry in 1963, and James M. McPherson in 1989. An annual meeting is held at Bridgewater State University and members continue the tradition of adding research and publications to the historical canon of Abraham Lincoln scholarship.

The Lincoln Group of Boston Collection was originally housed at Boston University before being transferred to Bridgewater State College in 1980. Additions to the collection have been ongoing ever since. BSU contains sub-collections of individual members of the Lincoln Group of Boston that fall under the umbrella of the Lincoln Group of Boston as a whole. The Maxwell Library contains a separate Lincoln Collection that began in 1975 with the large donation of Lincoln related material by Arthur Lloyd Hayden. Lincoln Group members have been donating material ever since. This collection consists of publications, ephemera, artifacts, and framed art and lithographs pertaining to both Lincoln and the Civil War.



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