Guide to the Mary Lavin Collection, 1945-1995 (Bulk 1978-1982)

Orson Kingsley, Bridgewater State University

Mary Lavin was born in East Walpole, MA in 1912. At the age of ten she moved to Ireland with her mother, a native of Ireland. Lavin’s literary career took off in the early 1940s with her first book, Tales from Bective Bridge. She wrote both short stories and novels. Much of her work dealt with feminist issues based upon her experiences and struggle arising from being a female writer in a male-dominated Catholic Ireland. She passed away in 1996.

This collection largely consists of personal correspondence and photographs of Mary Lavin, as well as published works of Lavin, some of which are signed. Lavin was a friend of Maureen Connelly, the donor of the collection, and the correspondence is between the two.