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Institutions of higher learning are not equally successful in educating all students. Faculty learning communities and the use of culturally inclusive pedagogies have been shown to help address this achievement gap between majority students and those from under-represented groups. This article provides an overview of multi-disciplinary faculty members’ process to transform their pedagogies and curriculum to emphasize cultural inclusion. In addition, revitalized course materials reflecting culturally inclusive pedagogical strategies are made available to readers


Course syllabi referred to in the article are available below.

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Anderson, J.R., Bond, B.E., Davis-Street, J., Gentlewarrior, S., Savas, M.Y., Sheehy, D.A. (2014). Transforming the Classroom – and the World: Voices from a Culturally Inclusive Pedagogy Faculty Learning Community. Transformative Dialogues, 7(1), 1-18.

Investments-ACFI490-Syllabus-Summer2013-Davis-Street.pdf (162 kB)
Investments - ACFI490 - Syllabus - Summer 2013 - Davis-Street

JapanThroughFilmAndLiterature-LANG298-Syllabus-Savas-Spring2014.pdf (467 kB)
Japan Through Film and Literature - LANG298 - Syllabus - Spring 2014- Savas

SocialWorkPracticeII-SCWK 531-Syllabus-Bond-Spring2014.pdf (932 kB)
Social Work Practice II - SCWK531 - Syllabus - Spring 2014 - Bond

JapanThroughFilmAndLiterature-LANG298-Schedule-Savas-Spring2014.pdf (209 kB)
Japan Through Film and Literature - LANG298 - Schedule - Spring 2014- Savas

Cultural-Inclusion-Schedule-2010-Summer-Institute.pdf (186 kB)
Cultural Inclusion Pedagogy Theme Schedule - 2010 Summer Institute