Internet Sex Offending and the Online Sting

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Book Chapter


This chapter analyzes numerous issues with Internet sex stings (ISS). ISS are tools used by the law enforcement to arrest adults who are interested in having sex with minors. Despite the seemingly simplistic intent of ISS (to arrest online predators before they assault a child), this practice is quite complex. This chapter analyzes several issues associated with ISS. Specifically, it seeks to critically analyze the questions:

  1. How often online are young people sexually solicited by adults interested in physical sex?
  2. What are the relationships between Internet sex offending, child pornography, enticement, and contact sex-offending?
  3. What is our policy approach to preventing online adult-child enticement?
  4. Is this approach effective?
  5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of our current approach?

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Wright, R.G. (2015). Internet Sex Offending and the Online Sting. In R.G. Wright (Ed.), Sex Offender Laws: Failed Policies, New Directions, 2nd ed. (pp. 80-112). New York: Springer Publishing.

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