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Promotional Material


44 x 32 cm.

Exhibit Dates

November 2015 - April 2016


Jan Lhormer


Wellness Center, Weygand Hall, Bridgewater State University


Artist's statement:

My recent landscape series depicts vines, buds, and lush botanical forms which appear and then fade under layers of gestural brush stroke. Surrounded by a backyard garden and natural beauty of Cape Cod, I am inspired by the ever-changing, kinetic qualities of landscape. Over several session or even several years, I build up marks, tones, and textures to echo nature's visceral attributes. While some of the paintings are based on garden themes, others are watery imagery which reflect the luminous colors and flora/fauna I see while swimming or kayaking at nearby Chapoquoit bay. A range of hues not typically seen in nature expands the possibilities for abstraction. Through these invented images, I hope to convey the magic and resilience of our fragile environment.