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Looking Up: Collin Asmus



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Promotional Material


11 x 16 cm.

Exhibit Dates

February 25 - April 4, 2013


Collin Asmus


Wallace L. Anderson Gallery


The Wallace L. Anderson Gallery is proud to present a selection of works by Collin Asmus who has focused on the heavens as a metaphor of vast distance and the ability of man to create communicative devices to attain immediacy within visual information systems. Using a variety of media—oil, watercolor, and pencil—Asmus shifts from celestial objects depicted in M31, URSA major, and the MIlky Way to the methods in which contemporary science has progressively closed the gap between the vast distances measured in light years. Capsule, Apollo and Communication give a visual history of the first Mercury capsule which was supplanted by the Apollo program, and which in turn has been replaced by the remarkable leaps in celestial imagery generated by the Hubble and now the Hershel and Planck space-based observatories.