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11 x 16 cm.

Exhibit Dates

October 29 - November 16, 2007


Wallace L. Anderson Gallery, Bridgewater State College


An exhibition of paintings and sculpture, Through the Eyes of Nigerian Artists depicts the suffering, sorrow, and dignity of Nigerian girls and women. Conceived by Joy Keshi (Ashibuogwu) Walker, this show seeks to provoke dialogue and stimulate projects opposed to female genital mutilation. Its opening in Nigeria in 1998 and presentation during the WAAD (Women in Africa and the African Diaspora) Conference at IUPUI preceded six years in Europe where, between 2000 and 2006, it appeared in more than 65 venues including city halls, medical schools, Expo 2000, and the British Parliament. It returned to the USA to open at Brandeis University’s Kniznick Gallery in 2006.