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Promotional Material


22 x 14 cm.

Exhibit Dates

August 30 - September 27, 1989


C. J. Lori


Rondileau Campus Center Art Gallery, Bridgewater State College


Artist’s statement: I am a self-taught artist with a formal background in writing and literature. This background brings a narrative quality to my paintings. The scenes and images, frozen in time, are the essence of stories that reveal my world.

The paint itself tells a vital part of the story. The surface of each painting varies, skies and streets that are glossy and smooth, and fields of flowers that are bumpy with a repetitive pattern. Often, there are images actually sculpted on the canvas with layers of paint, protruding half an inch from the surface. All these elements with individual textures invite the viewer to touch them.

Together surface and image create a vision that is dramatic and often humorous. It is a vision of my world, where we are all children peering through the darkness, trembling and giggling at the same time.