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Promotional Material


11 x 16 cm.

Exhibit Dates

September 2 - October 2, 2009


Terry Rose


Wallace L. Anderson Gallery, Bridgewater State College


Artist’s statement: For me, art is like alchemy. The transmuting of something common into something special. I begin a painting with no specific idea or image, only a vague impression of something I may have seen or experienced – in nature, perhaps, or in a book or even the color of a rug. Intention and chance intermingle. By introducing oils and dry micron pigments onto a wet varnish surface, I allow gravity and hydraulics to have a hand in generating the imagery, which continues to evolve until the media set. To a large extent, the materials organize themselves, carrying my vision beyond myself. Painting on aluminum lends “gravitas” to the work, anchoring the spacious realms depicted there.