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11 x 16 cm.

Exhibit Dates

October 1 - October 26, 2007


John Hooker


Wallace L. Anderson Gallery, Bridgewater State College

Note on the Artist(s)

John Hooker is a member of the faculty of the Art Department.


Artist’s statement: For this exhibition I was interested in creating work that related to decadence in physical objects and ideology. Sculpture’s physical presence creates a myth of immortality, but, like all else, it has a finite existence. Sometimes the physical aspects of sculpture lend to its downfall (for example, corroding metals or decaying wood), and sometimes the beauty of a particular sculpture becomes passe (for example, an excessively stylistic movement’s attraction has come and gone). In either case, it is the materials and form of the sculpture itself that causes its decline. Ideas, too, have a limited lifespan. Often an ideology, philosophy or unbridled political perspective, becomes so great that it develops into an all-powerful, gross manifestation of itself. For example, a culture bent on progress and affluence will overindulge.