A long-time Book Review Editor for Bridgewater Review, English Professor, former union president and student advisor without peer, Dr. Charles F. Angell passed away on June 13, 2012, just days before our last issue went to press – too soon for us to honor him properly with a tribute, and just plain too soon. What follows are words written by some of Charlie’s colleagues who knew him personally and professionally, and who attest to the deep and lasting effect that he made in his time with us at Bridgewater State.

Note on the Author

Michael Kryzanek is the Director of the Global Studies Institute and Executive Director of the Center for International Engagement. He was Founding Editor of Bridgewater Review (1982-2010). Ann Brunjes is Acting Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, on leave from her position as Associate Professor in the English Department. William Levin is Emeritus Professor of Sociology and a former Associate Editor (1982-2010) and Editor (2010-12) of Bridgewater Review. Jean Stonehouse is President of the Bridgewater Chapter of the Massachusetts State College Association and Professor of History.