Phenetic studies in Nuphar Sm. (Nymphaeaceae): Variation in sect. Nuphar

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Previous taxonomic assessments of the hydrophytic genus Nuphar Sm. (Nymphaeaceae) have inadequately considered the range of morphological variation existing in the genus. A comprehensive statistical analysis of morphological features among the recognized taxa of Nuphar is presented here, first using 10 fruit characters to delimit the separation of two infrageneric groups of taxa, and secondly using 31 characters to quantify the morphological variation found within sect. Nuphar. Results from combined phenetic analyses provided empirical support for recognition of two infrageneric groups of species in the genus (largely by fruit, stigmatic disk margin, neck, and stigmatic disk size) and for separation of taxa within sect. Nuphar (by leaf size, and fruit disk and neck size). Statistical analyses demonstrate that extensive variation in ranges of character states exists among sect. Nuphar taxa. However, a suite of qualitative and quantitative characters can be used to recognize five species and three subspecies within this predominantly Old World assemblage.

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Padgett D.J. (2003). Phenetic studies in Nuphar Sm. (Nymphaeaceae): Variation in sect. Nuphar. Plant Systematics and Evolution, 239(3-4), 187-197. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00606-003-0008-z