Submissions from 2016


The Use of ETFs by Actively Managed Mutual Funds, D. Eli Sherrill, Sara E. Shirley, and Jeffrey R. Stark


ETFs within a Mutual Fund’s Portfolio, Eli Sherrill, Sara E. Shirley, and Jeffrey R. Stark


Why do Fund Families Release Underperforming Incubated Mutual Funds?, Sara E. Shirley and Jeffrey R. Stark

Submissions from 2015


IFRS without an International Financial Reporting Language (IFRL): Evidence of Multiculturalism and a Lack of Global Transparency in the EU, Mark D. Crowley, Yulia Yurova, and Caitlin Finning-Golden

Submissions from 2014


Transforming the Classroom – and the World: Voices from a Culturally Inclusive Pedagogy Faculty Learning Community, Joyce Rain Anderson, Barbara Bond, Jeanean Davis-Street, Sabrina Gentlewarrior, Minae Savas, and Deborah Sheehy

Overstating Sales – Creating Revenue through the Consolidation Process, Mark Crowley and MaryBeth Tobin

Submissions from 2005

Can the 'Clan Effect' Reduce the Gender Sensitivity to Fraud? The Case of the IPO Environment, T. Shawver, Patricia Bancroft, and J. Sennetti

Submissions from 2004

Moral and Cultural Reasoning of IPO Accountants, Patricia Bancroft