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Middleborough High School, Middleborough, Massachusetts


Heidi Zibrat


Alexandra Coe, Chelsea Preston, Arthur Battistini, Kendra White


This was a study of two sites along Fall Brook, located in Middleborough, MA. Fall Brook has been monitored by MHS students over the past 10 years and is a major tributary of the Taunton River Watershed. The purpose of the study completed this year was to determine how land use affects the nitrate and phosphate levels of Fall Brook. The Wareham Street Site is located next to a horse farm and downstream from several cranberry bogs in a heavily wooded area. The Wood Street Site is located in conservation land, downstream from the Wareham Street Site and has a large riparian zone. The results of the study showed that both nitrate and phosphate levels were below toxic levels at both sites. However, the nitrate levels at Wood Street were slightly higher than the levels at Wareham Street. Students concluded that the higher level of nitrates could be due to the higher discharge and load at the Wood Street Site, and the site’s location downstream from the horse farm. Phosphate levels showed no significant differences between the sites.

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