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Apponequet Regional High School, Lakeville, Massachusetts


Norma McNally


Meaghan Rodenbush, Kristy Mckillop, Cody Velozo, Nick Velozo, Brian Costa, Gregg Tavares, Ryan Campbell


Students investigated whether the construction of the Stop and Shop DePot in Assonet, MA had any adverse influence on the water quality of Rattlesnake Brook. The brook drains a wetlands east of the Assonet River, passes beneath South Main Street in Assonet then passes to the west of the S & S Depot. It then enters a marsh along with Terrry Brook before reaching its confluence with the Assonet River. Water quality was found to be within normal ranges at all three sites. Nutrients were often below detection limit. Calculation for load indicated a sudden drop in nitrates between the upstream and downstream sites bracketing S&S. There was no apparent reason for this decrease since the two were ¼ miles apart. DO, pH and temperature followed normal diurnal patterns associated with the presence of aquatic vegetation in surface water. The furthest site downstream showed tidal influence for temp, pH and specific conductivity. Macroinvertebrates were collected at the furthest site upstream and the furthest downstream. No conclusion can be drawn concerning change in water quality from this parameter as the sites did not present similar habitats. The upstream samples showed good biodiversity and the calculated FBI was excellent. The site with tidal influence had low diversity, a large population of Amphipoda (possibly due to habitat and vegetation associated with the marsh) and poor water quality.

Students decided that no judgment could be made concerning the affect of S&S on water quality as there was no data available pre-construction. Interviews with residents indicated that the quality of life for people and animals, such as deer, had deteriorated due to lights and noise.

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