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Apponequet Regional High School, Lakeville, Massachusetts


Norma McNally


Meaghan Rodenbush, Kristy Mckillop, Cody Velozo, Nick Velozo, Brian Costa, Gregg Tavares, Ryan Campbell


Rattlesnake Brook is located in Assonet, MA, passing under Rte 24 near exit #9 and under South Main Street. The stream was accessed at three sites: NSTAR (just upstream from the South Main St. culvert), Rapoza (downstream at 114 South Main St.) and Narrows Road (just upstream from the Narrows Rd culvert prior to the stream’s confluence with the Assonet River). One major change in land use is the addition of the Stop & Shop distribution center on South Main St. behind the Rapoza site.

Initial data for temperature and DO indicate that dissolved oxygen is high at the first two sites and follows the temperature curve inversely due to lack of vegetation in the water column. Narrows Rd follows a more diurnal pattern. PH at all sites is acidic, though Narrows Rd. is less so due to tidal influence. Acidity may be due to the presence of a pine grove and wetlands upstream from NSTAR. Nutrients were generally below detection limit, though load calculations indicate a much higher value for both RP and NO3 after the heavy rains of October resulted in increased discharge. The macro-invertebrate population of NSTAR was excellent in both diversity and % intolerant species. The Narrows road FBI indicated fairly poor conditions. This change from up to downstream may only be related to variations in habitat due to brackish conditions and the presence of vegetation and detritus upstream from the collection site.

Further investigations into water quality, land use, and subbasin drainage will be conducted into the spring of 2006.

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