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Apponequet Regional High School, Lakeville, Massachusetts


Susan Brelsford


Alexa Chiuppi, Salina Duggan, Pat Maguire, Courtney May, Rikki Nobre, Monet Viens


Leonard Washburn Brook is a tributary of Poquoy Brook. It is located in Lakeville, MA and was accessed on Cross Street. We considered this our pristine river environment. Poquoy Brook, also of Lakeville, MA was accessed on Taunton Street. We considered this our river with many land uses as it passes through both a cranberry bog and a golf course.

Initial data for temperature and DO indicate that dissolved oxygen is higher at the Leonard Washburn than Poquoy Brook. Poquoy follows a normal diurnal curve while Leonard Washburn fluctuates with temperature due to lack of vegetation in the water column. Ph at both sites is acidic, though Poquoy Brook is less so, possibly due to lime used at this time on the golf courses that may have run off into the water. Specific conductivity spikes at Leonard Washburn at approximately 12:00 p.m. Further testing will be done in the spring to determine the source of this spike. The macro-invertebrate population of Leonard Washburn was very good while at Poquoy it was fairly poor. The percent of intolerant species at Leonard Washburn was 78 while at Poquoy it was 15.

Further investigations into water quality, land usage, and specific conductivity will be conducted into the spring of 2006.

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