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Seekonk High School, Seekonk, Massachusetts


Dave Bonneau and Matthew Wills


Biology II Students, Seekonk High School


On October 3rd & 4th Mr. Bonneau and Mr. Wills from Seekonk High School took their Biology II classes out to the Runnins River in Seekonk, MA for the 5th Annual Runnins River Biosurvey.

The Runnins River is approximately ten miles long and over 70% of the length of the river meanders through the town of Seekonk, making Seekonk the town with the greatest impact on the river. What we wanted to see is if the commercial and residential properties in the town had any impact on the river between two given points.

The classes went to both an upstream site (A residence off of Pamden Lane) and a downstream site (Burr’s Pond) each of which were approximately 2 miles apart. We collected data during our short visits to the river from which we developed an overall health profile of the Runnins River in terms of water chemistry and biodiversity.

The findings of the 5th Annual River Survey were then presented at Bridgewater State University in April 2013. Overall the students found that the river was in fair health and all of the students did a great job and were very excited about being part of a great authentic research project.

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