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Mateusz Pacha-Sucharzewski


In 1832, a German travelling salesman published a handbook describing his profession. Sadly, his name is unknown; he only stated that the book was written by “one old travelling salesman.” However, he has come down in history thanks to a rather simple and quite obvious observation. He pointed out that when one goes on a business trip, one should plan it carefully; by doing so, one can “win” a great deal of time and increase the trip’s “economy.” Two centuries later, mathematicians and scientists are still struggling with what is now known as the “Travelling Salesman Problem” (TSP).

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Matt Pacha-Sucharzewski is a junior majoring in mathematics with minors in computer science and physics. This project was mentored by Dr. Ward Heilman and funded by the Adrian Tinsley Program for Undergraduate Research (ATP) in the summer of 2010.

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