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Do You See What I See?

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Rachel Mullins


Mild Mental Retardation (MMR) is a general term that refers to impairments in intellectual ability and adaptive skills, which include activities of daily living (ADLs), communication skills and social skills. MMR can be caused by genetic abnormalities (e.g., Down Syndrome [DS]), environmental factors such as head trauma or lack of oxygen at birth, and in some cases for undocumented reasons. These latter individuals are often referred to as having mental retardation of unknown etiology. Although most people associate mental retardation with cognitive impairments, previous research suggests that these individuals have visual perception impairments as well.

Note on the Author

Rachel Mullins is a senior in the psychology department, graduating in May of 2010. This research began as an Adrian Tinsley Program summer grant under the direction of Dr. Sandy Neargarder and has expanded her research into a two-semester honors thesis. Rachel has presented this research at the Adrian Tinsley Program symposium during the summer of 2009, the Cognitive Aging Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in April 2010 and also at the Undergraduate Symposium in the spring of 2010.

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