Sports media is important because it shapes the perceptions, aspirations and dreams of the viewers (Angelini, 2008). It shows the viewers the skill and athletic achievement of both male and female athletes. The media allows viewers to witness the athletic prowess of their favorite athletes on TV and in print. Within sports media, the viewers are able to learn about the many different sports that are offered around the world. The viewers are able to get a sense about who the athletes are, their talents, their sport and their achievement. It is apparent that sports media has a huge impact on the people around the world who watch games, buy magazines, and endorse their favorite team by collecting team and player memorabilia.

Note on the Author

This research is the result of the hard work and effort of 18 students in Dr. Maura Rosenthal’s first year seminar, Women in Sport Media. The work was also accepted for presentation at the 2008 Mid Year Symposium held on the BSC campus in December.

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