Note on the Author

Jasmine Won is a senior Departmental Honors student majoring in Elementary Education and Spanish and minoring in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Her research project was completed in the calendar year 2022 under the mentorship of Dr. Marlene Correia (Elementary Education), Dr. Ryan LaBrozzi (Spanish), and Dr. Alexandria Balconi (TESOL). It was made possible in part due to funding provided by an Adrian Tinsley Program summer research grant. Jasmine presented this paper at the 2023 National Collegiate Research Conference (NCRC) and the 2023 Northeast Regional Honors Conference (NRHC). She plans to pursue a Masters in Education in TESOL, ESL, and Bilingual Education directly after graduation and a Ph.D. in Bilingual Education after multiple years working as an elementary educator.

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