Project Title

Sonnet –66

Author Information

Christopher Lavallee


Shakespeare’s Sonnet 66 inspired the sonnet I wrote, but I wanted to take a more modern approach to tackle and challenge the original piece. In Sonnet 66, Shakespeare writes about a love that is separated by societal expectations. He is forbidden from loving that person and lists his issues; with a peaceful couplet stating that the love he has is enough to keep him happy. Context from the sonnet indicated that it was a same-sex love, as it was forbidden at the time. In contrast, my piece tells the story of a man who is in love with a woman, a love so strong that it “resembles a song” of love, but despite having the world he cannot be happy. I wanted to keep the writing structure like the original piece, so it starts with a line that is partially repeated in the final couplet, and that starting two lines starts the list of positives in my case.

Note on the Author

Christopher LaVallee is a senior studying Computer Science at Bridgewater. His project was completed as the final poem for his Sex and Shakespeare course under Professor Katherine Alix-Gaudreau. He enjoys spending time with his significant other and their cat, as well as playing video games with friends. After his degree is complete, he plans on pursuing a career as a software developer.

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