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Carter Remy


This linguistic qualitative ethnographic study sought to understand whether immigrant, ESL men who have completed their first year of college at BSU perceive themselves as linguistically prepared for college life. Linguistic preparedness is critical for successful participation in the classroom and completion of required work. The research seeks to identify and analyze the programs BSU has established to assist this population in their adaptation to college life and in acquiring linguistic proficiency. The study employs a multi-tiered methodology, beginning with semi-structured interviews with diversity administrators as well as ESL and Global Language faculty. These interviews were followed by rapport-building, participant and naturalistic observations, and semi-structured interviews with four immigrant male students who had completed their first year of college. Selected by purposive sampling, the resulting case study of Bridgewater State University with respect to linguistic readiness for ESL immigrant students will offer emic (insider) perceptions of students’ own linguistic preparedness. Results offer insights into this population and generate recommendations that cater to struggling ESL students.

Note on the Author

Carter Remy is a graduating senior majoring in Cultural Anthropology. His research, mentored by Dr. Diana Fox (Anthropology), was funded by an Adrian Tinsley Program summer grant and formed the basis of his honors thesis. Carter is a big proponent for youth, especially youth immigrants. He is moving forward in furthering his studies in linguistic anthropology. His interests lie in understanding speech communities, the ethnography of communication, linguistic readiness in black communities in the United States, as well as linguistic readiness amongst other communities (LatinX, White, Caribbean).

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