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Lannah Fitzgerald


Matheus Andre Reichert is a well-known name in the flute community. As a composer and virtuoso flutist, M.A. Reichert (1830-1880) produced a number of challenging works for flute that are still played today. One such work is Reichert’s 7 Daily Exercises, Op. 5, first published in 1872. This book of music, consisting of seven multi-page etudes, is popular among advanced and even professional flute players. Although written for the flute, Reichert’s 7 Daily Exercises has the potential to serve as an excellent, yet demanding, technique book for saxophone.

Note on the Author

Lannah Fitzgerald graduated in December 2018 with a major in Music and a concentration in Music Education. Her research was conducted during the summer of 2017 under the mentorship of saxophonist Dr. Jonathan Amon, and was funded by an Adrian Tinsley Program for Undergraduate Research and Creative Work summer grant at Bridgewater State University. Lannah hopes to perform and teach music, and has special interest in teaching band.

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