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Heather Dickerson


Many elements are involved when a pilot is trying to decide which aircraft to pursue for rental. Uninformed new pilots decide to rent purely based upon the aircraft used for initial training, but once more variables are considered, the pilot will realize such an important decision must consider all aspects. Cost typically being the greatest determining factor, horsepower output of the engine, speed, the maximum load capacity, and the maximum altitude the aircraft is able to reach also tend to have a large effect on determining which aircraft will suit the needs of the pilot. Data Envelopment Analysis was used to compare ten of the most common training and rental aircraft to determine which model was most efficient given the constraints listed above. This model can show even the newest pilot which aircraft should be chosen to rent based on a few of the most common variables in flying.

Note on the Author

Heather Dickerson worked during the Fall 2015 semester to complete this research on selecting the most efficient training aircraft for rental using Data Envelopment Analysis under the mentorship of Dr. Xiangrong Liu (Management). She is graduating in May 2016 with a double major in Product Operations Management and Aviation Science.

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