Joseph Matta

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Submitted to the College of Graduate Studies Bridgewater State University Bridgewater, Massachusetts In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of Master of Science in Computer Science

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Computer Science

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Master of Science in Computer Science


The Zenith Z-100 computer was released by the Zenith Data Systems Corporation in 1982 as a competitor to the IBM PC. There are no known complete software emulations of the system. A Z-100 emulator is considered to be complete if it runs all functions of its monitor ROM BIOS program and is able to boot and run its two operating systems. One reason previous emulation attempts are not complete is that they ineffectively implement the floppy disk controller, preventing a proper transfer of the operating system from disk into memory. This project is an attempt to write a complete emulation of the Z-100 system. Improving on previous emulations, a novel implementation of the Western Digital FD-1797 floppy disk controller is developed. Although the disk controller implementation is successfully integrated, only a partial initialization of the Z-DOS operating system is achieved due to an unsupported interrupt procedure. Booting CP/M-85, the other operating system supported by the Z-100, is not attempted. Rationale for the Z-100’s historical preservation through emulation is also presented.


Dr. Michael Black

Dr. Haleh Khojasteh

Dr. John F. Santore