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Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in Teaching English for Students of Other Languages in the College of Graduate Studies at Bridgewater State University, 2015.

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Master of Arts in Teaching


The thesis is based on the researcher’s observation that pronunciation is underestimated in teaching English in Cape Verde in Sao Vicente Island. The Cape Verdean school program does not focus on pronunciation but it gives importance to grammar learning. As a result students show several difficulties in pronunciation which, although these are recognized by teacher, are nevertheless ignored in the teaching process. This paper primarily explains the phonological systems of English and CVSV, highlighting the difference between them; and critiques current approaches to teaching EFL, in general, pronunciation and specifically to Cape Verdean English language learners. The thesis concludes suggesting a strategy to take in teaching English pronunciation to CVSV students.

The phonological analysis of this research paper was based on observations made by the author during her teaching internship (9/3/2012 to 20/6/2012).


Anne Doyle (chair)

Julia Stakhnevich

Joyce Rain Anderson

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