Beyond the Abuse: Helping Incarcerated Women Deal with Their Abuse Experiences

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2006

Project Description/Abstract

This is a request for CART Summer Grant funding to enable this researcher to write a scholarly article for publication in a peer reviewed academic journal. This scholarly article will describe the findings of a cross-sectional study in which 50 female jail detainees were interviewed by this researcher in 2-hour individual face-to-face interviews. The article will focus on the findings from data regarding the abuse experiences of these women, and the far-reaching impacts those abuses have had on their lives. While it is clear that jailed women face multiple stressors in their lives, it is also clear that their histories of abuse remain at the forefront of their lives. The researcher suggests that any plan to help these women to move toward healthy lifestyles must include assistance to effectively cope with their abuse experiences.

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