DNA Sequencing for Teaching and Research: Mastering the LiCor® 4300 DNA Analysis System

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2006

Project Description/Abstract

The ability to sequence DNA increases the experimental questions that can be addressed in the areas of environmental and medical microbiology and in all areas of the biomedical sciences. Research efforts can quickly reach a threshold where DNA sequencing becomes necessary for the design and progression of long-term studies. Best practices teaching in microbiology also currently involves exposing students to the potential of this technique in a ‘hands-on’ way. This four-week project will allow me to master the use of the Li-CorÒ DNA sequencer recently acquired by the Biology and Chemistry departments, and to use and troubleshoot the accompanying software package for data analysis. I will then incorporate the concepts and techniques into both my Microbiology course laboratory exercises and my research efforts with undergraduate research students and colleagues in the department.

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