Children's Perceptions of Their Neighborhoods and Safety: Analysis of Data from a Study of Working Families in Northern Ireland

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2007

Project Description/Abstract

Using Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory as a frame, semi-structured interviews were conducted with children from forty-five working families in Derry and Belfast, Northern Ireland examining the level of risk and opportunity for them in settings containing threat of sectarian violence. Analyses of quantitative and qualitative results related to children’s perceptions of the safety of their neighborhoods, accessibility of their working parents, and the presence of watchful neighbors will be analyzed. Results will help us to understand the ways in which children’s immediate environments, their micro systems, are affected by threat in the community. In addition, results will aid in our understanding of the dynamics of children’s relationships with systems with which they have no direct contact, but which exert important influences nonetheless, namely parents’ workplaces (exosystems).

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