Geochemical Constraints on Basaltic Magmatism in the Sweetwater Mountains, SW Montana

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2007

Project Description/Abstract

Preliminary geologic mapping performed during the summer of 2005 identified several unmapped basalt lava flows and a single basaltic plug that occur in the Sweetwater Mountains, Montana. The origin, nature, and timing of basalt magmatism in this region are currently unknown and a subject of debate. This proposal is designed to investigate the petrologic and geochemical nature of these volcanic units and study their relation in the context of the tectonic evolution of the Sweetwater range. This proposal will document the occurrence and field relations of basaltic lava flows in this region and characterize their geochemical signatures in an effort to decipher their petrogenesis. In addition, a geochemical comparison will also be performed between the Timber Hill basalt in the Ruby Valley and the flows located in the Sweetwater range in order to determine if a possible genetic relationship exists.

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